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It goes without saying that Wallabies are not indigenous to the our area, and because of that many people are unaware of these loving creatures. There are over 50 varieties of wallabies living in the three other countries. Many others have become extinct this century because of man's greed and encroachment on the wallaby habitat. We chose Bennetts for their temperament and hardiness, and because they keep the same hours as we do. Because they are different from "normal" pets, Wallabies require a more responsible and informed owner; however, to the right person they make loving, affectionate pets. So, why a wallaby?  Simply put, everything that makes an animal a great pet can be had in the wallaby.  They are loving, affectionate, devoted and rewarding.  

Grown wallabies reach about 2 1/2 feet tall and weigh approximately 30 pounds. This is a good pet size, and they will not outgrow their environment. The expected life span for a wallaby is about the same as a small dog (12-15 years). They will stay docile throughout their life span.

A wallaby doesn't need alot of room, either.  Most are quite comfortable in areas as small as 50' x 50' (although it is recommended that it be fenced in to 6'), so backyards will accommodate this size of an area. As far as feed goes, a mature wallaby's diet includes grass to graze and a pelleted horse feed or commercial wallaby diet with selenium and vitamin E added to the ration. Wallabies will walk (or hop) on a leash, and they do well with other non-aggressive animals.

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